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Jump to the Rescue - Charity Skydiving Event

by Aaron on Thursday, May 08, 2014 9:05 AM
Jump to the Rescue - Charity Skydiving EventHave you ever wanted to skydive? Here's a great way to take that first jump while helping others! Jump to the Rescue is being organized by Realtor and all around great guy Rex Buchanan in Portland, OR. 

Here are the details:

Help support the Portland Rescue Mission by raising funds and awareness by your involvement with “Jump to the Rescue!” Jump to the Rescue is a skydive-a-thon created for that very purpose. You can jump out of a plane at 11,000 feet and parachute safely to the ground 6/17/14 all while raising money for the cause by gathering pledges. The goal is to have each person raise $1,000! Keep in mind a portion of the money needs to cover the costs of skydiving which is at a special rate provided we get enough people to jump and the rest will go directly to Portland Rescue Mission, as this community project is being put together by volunteers.

Why support the Portland Rescue Mission?
- They serve over 950 meals a day and house up to 174 men and women in need.
- They have programs aimed at total life recovery in every aspect of a hurting person’s needs -- addiction recovery, life skills training and spiritual renewal.
- The Mission has provided 20% more meals and 16% more emergency shelter since recession began. 
- On any given night, nearly 16,000 people are homeless in Multnomah County.
- It is the right thing to do.

If you have ever wanted to skydive we want you to join us. Please consider the possibility. Those who skydive experience themselves in a new light and recognize they are equipped to take on bigger challenges that may have otherwise stopped them before. After all it is for a good cause!

Lastly, please share this event with at least five or ten friends that might be interested in this type of experience. The more the merrier. The day of the event, 6/17/14, there will be a large ground party with food and drink so even if you do not jump you can come and cheer others on in this exciting adventure!

Thank you for your charitable contributions. You can make your check out to Portland Rescue Mission. Please know that a portion of your contribution is a tax write off and that you are doing a great thing to support those in need, because everyone needs a little help sometimes. 

Thank you for your support, 
Jump to the Rescue!


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