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My Favorite Laptop Bag - Mobile Edge Mini Messenger

by Aaron on Friday, October 11, 2013 7:23 AM
The Best Laptop Bag for Apple Macbook Pro 13As someone who is constantly having to drag around my laptop, iPad, and all of the cords and accessories that go along with it, I needed to have the perfect laptop bag. For me that is the Mobile Edge Mini Messenger bag! I love it because it has 2 separate pockets with a padded divider for my MacBook Pro 13" and my iPad. It also has a completely separate pocket with a zipper for all of the cords and accessories that I carry around.

Top Macbook Pro Laptop Bag - The other reason I really love this bag is because it isn't overly large. If you have anything bigger than a 13" laptop I doubt it will fit. If you need a larger version, they do make one for 16" laptops as well. This bag isn't heavy and doesn't take up a lot of extra space in my car or around my desk. As I mentioned, I use it with my MacBook Pro, but it would work with any 13" laptop out there.  

As with a lot of things I own, I bought mine on Amazon, but you can get them on quite a few websites out there for around $35-$40. There are also multiple colors in case you want something different than the Black and Orange version that I went with. 


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