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Aaron's 2 Cents for the First Half of April 2013 in Portland, OR

by Aaron on Friday, April 05, 2013 3:38 PM
Here are Aaron's 2 Cents for the first half of April 2013. In this edition we have the NW Pet Expo, The Hood River Valley Blossom Festival, Portland's MS Walk, and Gardening tips! 

The Northwest Pet & Companion Fair – the largest pet expo and pet adoption event in the Northwest! The First 500 people to the show on Saturday and Sunday get a FREE swag bag with goodies, treats, samples, and coupons. If you want to get all of the information on the NW Pet Expo go to their website

The Hood River Valley Blossom Festival celebrates the arrival of spring with events and attractions throughout the County from April 12-28. For all of the information on the Hood River Blossom Festival and their schedule of events, visit their website. 

When you participate in Walk MS, the funds you raise give hope to the more than 7,500 people living with MS in our community. The dollars raised support life-changing programs and cutting-edge research. The MS Walk has been going since 1988 and has raised more than $10 million dollars to help support people living with MS. To sign up for the MS Walk go to their site and donation page. 

FINALLY for all of you green thumbs out there, April is finally here and your garden soil is finally warming up! April is the best time to plant most of your vegetable seeds after your last frost. It's still not too late to plant tomatoes and peppers from seeds as well. Check out the below vegetables that can be started in April. Be sure to check your gardening zone for last frost dates. Try a Salsa Garden this spring!

Start planting both bush and pole beans now that the soil and air are warmed up. Try a continual 7-10 day sowing of different varieties. This will give you continual bean crops and not one large harvest with wasted crop.
Suggested variety: ContenderKentucky WonderTopcrop

Sow beets now for a fast, early summer treat.
Suggested Varieties: Detroit Dark Red

Cabbage is one of the easier plants to grow in the garden. Select a variety that is right for your location (size and maturity length). Be sure to fertilize and water when cabbage head begins to form. 
Suggested variety: Premium Late Flat DutchGolden AcreMichihili

Planting carrots by April will give an early summer crop. 
Suggested variety: Little FingerScarlet Nantes

One of the most rewarding and fast growing crops to grow. Corn is delicious when cooked only minutes after being pulled off the stalk. Try a small plot of corn, working your way to a large field of several varieties. 
Suggested variety: Peaches and CreamIncredibleSugar Buns

Fast growing vine or bush cucumber plants can produce an abundance of cucumber fruits. Be careful to pick a variety for the space you have in your garden. Vine cucumbers can be the best tasting but need far more space than bush varieties.
Suggest variety: Spacemaster 80MuncherMarketmore 76

Plant heat loving herbs like basil, oregano, thyme and sage. 
Suggested varieties: Italian BasilGreek OreganoDill

Start a crop of salad mix greens that gets bright sun but not all day. Great for late summer and early fall crops.
Suggested Varieties: ButtercrunchMesclun MixBlack Seeded Simpson

Melons are some of the most rewarding plants to grow. Great for hot, long summers. A staple for summer picnics and family fun.
Suggested variety: Sugar BabyCrimson SweetHales Best

Get those onion seeds growing. Be careful to select an onion variety appropriate for your garden zone. Northern areas should plant long day onions. Southern regions should plant short day onions.
Suggest variety: Sweet White WallaRed CreolYellow Spanish

Green peas and sugar peas are good to plant in April, and will produce a May crop.
Suggested variety: Sugar AnnOregon Giant

Fresh, crisp peppers are a garden favorite. Peppers take up little space and can produce high yields when planted close together. Plant as many different varieties as possible. They come small, big, hot, mild, and an array of different colors.
Suggested variety: California WonderEarly JalapenoSweet BananaSuper Chili

Summer Squash
Yum! Summer squash sowing in June will lead to fresh squash and zucchini in July and August.
Suggested Varieties: CocozelleWaltham Butternut

The most popular garden vegetable. Growing tomatoes is not only fun but treats you to some of the best tasting fruits in the world. Tomatoes come in many colors, shapes, taste, and sizes. Grow a few varieties every year to find your favorites!
Suggested variety: BrandywineCherokee PurpleRomaSweetieHeirloom Blend

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