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What is the Best Insulated Cup: Hydro Flask, Yeti, RTIC or Stanley?

by Aaron on Friday, October 30, 2015 11:49 PM
Hydro Flask 20 oz. Wide Mouth Insulated Coffee MugAfter having the chance to use the Hydro Flask 18oz Coffee Cup , the Yeti Rambler 20oz Tumbler as well as the Yeti Rambler Lowball 10oz , and Stanley Classic Vacuum Sealed Pint, a few things have become clear.

First off, I feel as though all of these products are great for specific purposes. Hydro Flask Water Bottles, and Hydro Flask Coffee cups are still my favorite. Full disclosure, I own 7 separate Hydro Flask Bottles and cups. The water bottles stay cold forever, have a great lid system, and keep coffee hot forever! Actually if I had a complaint with the Hydro Flask 18oz Coffee Cup it would be that it keeps coffee hot for too long. I usually keep the lid off for a few minutes or put 1-2 ice cubes in it, then put the lid back on once it gets to the right temperature.

Yeti Coolers Rambler Tumbler, Silver, 20 ozNext, the Yeti Cooler Rambler Tumbler and Yeti Rambler Lowball are definitely the BEST cups for keeping cold drinks extremely cold. This is especially handy when you're trying to keep a cocktail cold in warm weather. You can make your drink, and by the time it's done, most of your ice will still be in the cup. It's actually unbelievable how well it works without a lid in the Yeti Rambler Lowball. The other nice thing is that if you're using it as your daily drinker, it will not sweat or leave a ring no matter where you set it down. My only issue with the Yeti Cooler products is that they are EXPENSIVE! However, they are the best on the market so you do get what you pay for. 

RTIC Stainless Steel Can Cooler 12ozThe RTIC 30oz Tumbler is also a great product for the money. I feel as though it stays about 90% as cold as the Yeti but it is much less expensive. I also have the RTIC 12oz Stainless Can Cooler and I love it! I use it mostly for golf or events where I may be walking away from my can for minutes at a time. It keeps the beer / soda cold far longer than any of my other coozies. 

Stanley Classic Vacuum Sealed Pint GlassLastly, the Stanley Classic Vacuum Sealed Pint would be my least favorite. It works well, and I have nothing specific to complain about, but it just doesn't keep drinks cold as long as the Yeti Coolers Ramblers. The lid has a built in bottle opener, and if you're a big beer drinker then the Stanley Classic Vacuum Pint would be a great addition to your cabinet. It definitely does keep your drinks cold considerably longer than a standard glass, and it's stainless steel inside so you can switch between drinks without a lot of work. Like the Yeti Coolers Ramblers, it doesn't sweat or leave rings so that's also a nice touch.

Overall, I find all 3 products to be good to great for certain things. If you're looking purely at quality, the Yeti is the best. If you're looking for a water bottle or coffee cup, I'd go with the Hydro Flask. If you're wanting to have more cocktails, or even just keep your soda cold then I'd go with the Yeti Cooler. Also, Yeti's Rambler Tumbler or Hydro Flask's True Pint would be my favorite to keep your beer cold one drink at a time. If you're looking to stock up and keep it cold, I'd go with the Hydro Flask 64oz Wide Mouth Growler. Cheers!

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